Justin Bieber accepts he questioned if he could 'be faithful' to Hailey Baldwin before marriage proposal then he was regarding her allowing his offer to spend their lives together

Justin Bieber is clearing up regarding their concern which he had before he popped the queries to Hailey Baldwin. Ellen DeGeneres' talk show on Tuesday to discuss his new YouTube docuseries, "Justin Bieber: Seasons," that premiered Monday, which highlights the moment he and Baldwin first met years since.

The talk show host questioned Bieber about his proposal to Baldwin, 23, and the "Yummy" singer admitted he was more nervous about the lifelong confinement of being true to his wife than he was regarding her allowing his offer to spend their lives together. Bieber described"I observed similarly in the past we talked about me asking the question and I felt the same she would say 'yes' so I wasn't nervous about the saying 'yes' thing,".

He proceeded: "I think I was more bothered about...am I able to make this confinement as a partner and be responsible to honor what I say because that's solemn confinement when you say you're falling to love someone for better or worse. And be responsible ...am I able to do that?"Bieber stated he decided to "follow through" with his decision to propose to Baldwin, whom he gushed about on air. The pop star added, "I'm extremely happy it worked out because she's an amazing, amazing, amazing person,

". She's beloved. I enjoy spending my life with her.

He did this on a boat to his rehearsal dinner for his wedding, the crude signal that he indeed has a carnal relationship with his wife.

He stated on Instagram while playing hockey in December “Like my wife always says…I got good hands.”

Bieber's expected new album begins weeks later his ex, Selena Gomez, published her third solo studio album titled "Rare," which covers several lyrics targeted at Bieber and their tumultuous breakup. Earlier this week, Gomez, 27, claimed she was a "victim" of sensitive abuse during the exes' on-again-off-again relationship.