Mark Brady, said "It thumped us all out of our bed, it was powerful," who exists in a region near the explosion place.

Residents of Housing Building reportedly said that they felt the fierce blast at about 4:15 a.m., which in no time damaged near about 200 homes and killed 2 people on the spot this Friday evening. 

The explosion occurred in a Watson Grinding's Building which has been in Houston since 1972.

"We are depressed by the tragic passing of our coworkers, and our deepest sympathies are with their families for their profound loss," the company said in a statement on Friday night.

Many people were conveyed by the Houston Fire Department to a nearby hospital, fortunately, their injuries were not severe and they were out of danger. 

Approximately 200 homes and buildings nearby the explosion site were explored and almost all of them were damaged, said fire officials. 

"This was a significant, significant explosion," said Peña, who looks forward to investigators to be on explosion site for next days.

"We suspect certain things as far as what may have occurred,” but the department is not yet ready to release that information til the investigators have a specific cause, Peña said. The Fire Department is also looking through its files for the inspection history at the site.

As a part of the Houston Fire Deparrtment protocol, it has opened a criminal investigation for the explosion.  The U.S Department of Firearms, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Explosives said in a tweet that it is assisting the police in the process of investigation.

"We have no reason to believe, we have no evidence that terrorism is involved, that a criminal act is involved," authorities said. "When you have this type of incident, part of our protocol is to conduct a criminal investigation."

Such incidents make people unsafe in their surroundings. Preventive measures should be taken by the government to avoid such circumstances where people lost their lives and get into life-threating situations.