CB Passive Income Version 5.0 is an online system that allows you to clone Patric Chan’s entire business system so that it can generate affiliate commissions for you on autopilot.

CB Passive Income Version 5.0 Review

CB Passive Income Version 5.0 Review

You can see there is a bunch of MMO system out there in the market but not many of them are proven to get huge profits or steady passive income. Therefore, today I want to show you a tested powerful system called CB Passive Income License Program 5.0 which will let you earn steady passive income in the unique way. Now don’t hesitate to take a look at my CB Passive Income License Program 5.0 Review to know more details.

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What is CB Passive Income Version 5.0?

CB Passive Income Version 5.0 is an online system that allows you to clone Patric Chan’s entire business system so that it can generate affiliate commissions for you on autopilot. With Chan’s program, you don’t need to write your own content, create products to sell, send emails, provide customer service, research for affiliate programs to promote and you don’t even need to learn what affiliate marketing is. You only need to accomplish ONE TASK and that is to send Chan’s valuable software for free.

There were versions of CB Passive Income in the previous years, this version is of course, the best and most updated version there is using the hottest marketing strategy for recent years which is funneling, and using this program, you can clone Chan’s proven and effective funnel.

With CB Passive Income Version 5.0, the business model lets you promote valuable internet marketing products and you collect commission when the customer buys.

Feature Details

I’ve recently found out that CB Passive Income License Program 5.0 has some of powerful features. Today in my CB Passive Income License Program 4.0 Review, I want to show what key features inside this tool.

Your Own Clone Secret Web Page: CB Passive Income License Program 5 will give you Clone secret web page which is ready-to-go. Also, you can see easily the number of visitors to your website or how many subscribers you have.

Valuable Products To Giveaway: You also receive high-converting, viral content which will be periodically updated and even change the gift when is needed.

A Continual Income Stream: With version 5.0, the app will “insert” your affiliate ID inside the products recommended in the software. It means that you can create more passive income.

It heps you effectively you produce the content, research the trending products, craft marketing campaigns as well as promote the offers automatically  for you to create money and so on. In addition, this system also seeks for new membership products in order to promote so that you’ll earn monthly commissions from the products sold.

A Lifetime Commission: This improved the system can all automatically integrate within the software system which will get to work for you for free to earn more money.

Step by step Promotion Training Courses: It provides you video training and eBooks showing you in details about how to promote your new-found internet business, thus you can gain enormous success with this business! It is easy for you to follow and these methods have been proven time and time again to be productive and effective. The promotion methods contains video marketing, Facebook marketing, and many more which give you full knowledge to become a successful internet business.

How Does CB Passive Income Version 5.0 Work?

This turnkey system that is proven effective to generate income has three easy steps:

1. Fill in your details inside the CB Passive Income Dashboard to have your clone page that is created within a few seconds only.

2. Send traffic to your clone page to build your subscribers, the system will continually monetize every subscriber you have so that you earn affiliate commissions. This page will offer the visitors a free gift by providing their email address.

3. When they buy something, you earn commission and you can collect it from ClickBank.

The software will generate you a unique link where your visitors can get Chan’s software or course for free, they will get this after subscribing or giving their email address, which can let CB Passive Income system to promote products to them with your affiliate link attached. Once they purchase, you earn commissions.

Evaluation & Price

If you are looking for this kind of product, I highly recommend you to give it a try. Now, CB Passive Income 5.0 Review is offering a early bird discount so you can buy it with $47/month or $97 one time only. It is a great isn’t it?

There is no risk for you since you can offer refund during 60 days of using just in case you feel miserable with this tool. You can purchase it online right now by using Paypal , Visa, or Master Card after reading my CB Passive Income 5.0 Review.

Well, It’s the end of my CB Passive Income 5.0 Review. I hope that I gave useful information. Feel free to contact me anytime if you got any question or concerns. See you later!


Everybody wants a passive income. Everybody wants to feel secure about having a fallback in case the stable company they are working for suddenly collapses. And it is always great to have a simple system that can make you earn as a beginner.

It’s safe to try it and you will get your money back if you feel dissatisfied with the program. The CB Passive Income Version 5.0 may be the program that will make you have the freedom that you want and the capacity to live the life you have always dreamed of.